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About Atlantic Tube & Fitting


Atlantic Tube & Fitting, LLC is a distributor of instrumentation and industrial connectors, tubing, hose, valves, and accessories.  ATF’s office and warehouse are located in Charlotte, NC from where we serve a variety of OEM’s, end users, and resellers. 

As a dedicated specialist in the supply of tubing and fitting products, we possess unparalleled experience, product knowledge, and sourcing capabilities.  These attributes, coupled with our common sense approach to doing whatever it takes to meet customer needs and looking out for customer interests, make ATF a resource for our clients that continuously adds value.

Please contact us to discuss how we can work for you to not only reduce your cost of tubing and fitting components, but also improve the process by which they are procured while partnering with a specialist that can provide expert product support.




Looking for metric, international, or other hard to find fittings? Give us a call, we can help.